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A Labor of Love: Self-Publishing

It has been a wild ride in the past few months since starting my children's book, The Little Labradoodle: Puppy Pickup Day. I never realized how much went into self-publishing! This labor of love started for me as a hobby - something I would write and read to my grandchildren, inspired by their wacky imaginations and a sweet little labradoodle that I have come to love. It has taken on a life of its own, which can be stressful at times but also can be lots of fun!

Fortunately, my background in Project / Program Management and IT translates well to the work I need to do as with self-publishing. As a newbie author I needed to research, compile, write, rewrite, connect with other resources and solicit feedback. I have needed some thick skin to take constructive criticism well and to continue to improve the written work, which includes seven (yes that's right SEVEN) rewrites so far.

While I started this effort alone, I have added trusted advisors and team members to help me work through the book. There are talented illustrators, an editor and graphic designer for typesetting and laying out the book. I am wise enough to know that there are others who are far better suited for illustration and graphic design. I am technical, so working with Create Space, documents and pulling together a quick little web site were easy for me.

I'm currently working through binge-watching youtube videos on launching a book and marketing, although I may try to find someone to help with that. In today's world if you don't have some great photos, a large social media following and videos it's very difficult to get attention you need to be successful. Facebook and google ads are another area of research, but any advertising can be expensive.

Well, stay in touch, I'll be blogging more about this journey and hope that you will follow me at and join my mailing list to get up to date information on book launch, promotions and giveaways that will be coming soon!

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