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Scholarship Application

Fill out the form below to be considered for a full or partial scholarship for The 90-Day Way, our Mastermind, or other programs and services.

The maximum funding available is $899 (full cost of our 12-week signature program (author workgroup).

If you have been blessed and want to give back, you can also DONATE to the Scholarship Fund.

Type of Book:

If you are granted a scholarship for the cost of the course, you will still need to fund other costs for your book including Editing, Illustrations, Design, etc. 

How will you fund these and other costs to publish your book?

Would you like us to consider a barter offer where you provide services in exchange for the price of the course(s)?  If so, enter information about your services below.

Upload your manuscript in word or pdf form. We will keep it confidential and it will not be shared with anyone. 

Upload File
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