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There are so many resources out there for self-publishing. How do you know which ones you can trust?

We have created and curated some of the best self-publishing resources!


Low Cost & Free Resources:
Self-Publishing Made Simple

Self-Publishing Made Simple creator, April Cox
  • Learn to Self-Publish with April Cox (Facebook Group) - ​Get your questions answered and join an active community of like-minded individuals that are happy to help you on your self-publishing journey.

  • FREE 30 Minute Discovery CallWe are happy to offer a consultation that can determine which programs and services are the best fit for you.  

  • FREE A+ Guide showing you exactly how to create your Amazon enhanced listing utilizing the new ability to create A+ content through KDP. 

  • Author Events - Free for Self-Publishing Made Simple Workgroup & Mastermind Members.  Open to non-members for a small fee.

  • Mailing List - Be the first to hear about new resources, programs, meetings, and special discounts.  

  • YouTube Channel - Provides you with tons of videos and tutorials to support you in your self-publishing journey.

  • SELF-PUBLISHING Mastermind - An exclusive group with twice-monthly meetings, workshops, and much more!  

Author Events & Meetings

Our Resource Library Provides All the Tools & Resources You Need to Successfully Self-Publish Your Children's Book...

Join the Self-
Publishing  Mastermind

  • Bi-weekly Mastermind Sessions

  • Free access to SPMS meetings

  • Exclusive Community

  • Hands-On Training & Workshops

  • Private Mentoring Sessions

$17.99 / month

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Self-Publishing Made Simple YouTube Channel

Self-Publishing Made Simple YouTube Channel provides weekly videos including tips, interviews, tutorials, and more to help support you in your self-publishing journey.  Follow us and don't forget to click the bell icon to be notified when new content is posted.

I highly recommend you watch the Introduction to Self-Publishing videos in the playlist below.  It will provide you with so much information that I wish I had when I first started my self-publishing journey. -- April Cox


Check Out These Other Playlists Too

  1. How to Self-Publish a Children's Book (The Process)

  2. Top 10 Self-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

  3. The Cost to Self-Publish Your Children's Book

  4. All the Resources Needed (Tools & Templates)

  5. Mental Fortitude & Grit to Withstand the Journey (Mary Nhin)

  6. Write it Right (Bobbie Hinman)

  7. Is Your Book Good Enough? (Brooke Vitale)

  8. Writing in Rhyme (Bobbie Hinman)

  9. Is Your Children's Book Ready for Editing? (Bobbie Hinman)

  10. How to File Your Copyright (Step by Step)

  11. Get Your Identifiers (ISBN, LCCN, CIP)

  12. Illustration Process & How to Find Your Illustrator 

  13. Why you Need a Graphic Designer
  • Writing & Editing

  • Self-Publishing tips

  • Book Marketing & Sales

  • Advertising (Amazon, Facebook & More)

  • Keyword & Category Analysis

  • Advanced Self-Publishing Topics

  • April's Favorite Interviews


Other Services or Resources Needed?


April was able to take a book that wasn't selling at all and with updates to the cover, listing and Amazon ads got the book selling again. I highly recommend her services.

Sol Regwan



Do you prefer a "done for you" approach?

I can help with that too. But first,


Every situation is different,

and in the spirit of giving back to the author community, I offer a free consultation to provide you with recommendations and guidance on the best approach for self-publishing your book.

What comes next?

Schedule coaching as needed one at a time

Purchase a package for a much greater value

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Have you always wanted to write a children's book?  Are you in the middle of self-publishing and confused and overwhelmed?

I have helped thousands of authors achieve their dreams of creating beautiful children's books and you can do it too!

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