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My Secret to Finding Golden Keywords & Categories for a Best Selling Launch

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

I recently came across this gem of a video where I was walking through my secret formula for finding keywords and categories for self-published author, Allison Olson. Allison wrote a beautiful book on open adoption and was preparing for launch so with our 1:1 mentoring session, we walked through:

  • Finding Golden Keywords (high volume, low competition)

  • Selecting the 7 Keywords for the Amazon Page

  • Finding other keywords for ads

  • Identifying Categories

  • Seeing what keywords your competitors are indexed for

  • Requesting categories with Amazon

These are some of the secrets, tools and techniques I use when helping my clients to come up with a best-selling book launch for their self-published books. and now you can watch over my shoulder while I walk through it with her.

Check out the video below.

You'll find other great information for FREE on my YouTube Channel: Self-Publishing Made Simple with April Cox.

Other Author Resources:

Tools used in the video:

If you would like to have a mentoring session like this one, visit our coaching page and schedule time with me for a discovery call.

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