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Hey there!  
I'm April.

I am a children's book author, coach, publisher, and labradoodle lover.  

My superpower is making hard things simple. I believe
that children's books just may have the power to change the world. 

I am truly blessed and so grateful for the opportunities to be a part of making dreams come true for new and aspiring authors.

My Mission

I'm on a mission to help 10,000 authors self-publish their books by 2030.

Self-Publishing Made Simple is the innovative solution you've been searching for. We provide live support at every stage of the self-publishing process, from manuscript to published book and beyond.


Our team of dedicated experts is at the forefront of what's new and relevant in the self-publishing world. With our proven methods, we can guide you through the process in a way that is both manageable and accessible.


We understand that your book is important to you, which is why we work tirelessly to turn your vision into reality.

My Journey

Life is good now, but it hasn't always been. I was stuck in a job I didn't like and feeling completely trapped. I was working long hours and feeling totally unappreciated and undervalued. I felt trapped and struggled, feeling disconnected, and lacking purpose.

When my grandkids came, my life changed in ways I never knew it could. I fell in love all over again. I began to write children's stories for them and wanted to leave a legacy behind with wholesome books imparting values in a format that kids would love. The Little Labradoodle Series was born. 

When I saw how many other authors were struggling and being taken advantage of by predatory publishers, I knew I had to do something.


What started as a workgroup for children's authors has turned into a program that has helped 1500+ authors. 

Now, I have found my passion. Helping authors to get their message and mission out into the world is my privilege and my purpose.


Just like you,
I'm an author, too!

Little Labradoodle Publishing provides beautifully illustrated books with important messages that were created for my grandchildren. 

It started as a legacy project and ended up making a difference for others as well. 

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What lights me up


My favorite​ place to be is anywhere with my grandkids.


I usually have a labradoodle in my lap. Mandy and Brady love to snuggle while I read or write. 


Tea is my drug of choice. I can't start my day, or write a blog post without it.  


I love music and dancing, even though I'm a terrible dancer. 


One day I aspire to write my memoir.

Jump Start with April Cox

Get your Free Jump Start to Self-Publishing Mini-Course!

This course provides you a great overview of self-publishing. The process, the people, common mistakes and so much more!

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