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Kickstarter is Officially Launched!

Well, we did it! KickStarter is finally live for the first book in The Little Labradoodle series, Puppy Pickup Day! Here's a short little video animation that we did to highlight the KickStarter and use for FB and other social media

Quick Teaser Video

Sample Images from the Book

Putting finishing touches on the video was the biggest challenge while meanwhile finalizing the text for the book so we can get it out to the printer for proofs and preparation for printing so we can receive books in time for the holidays!

While it was a pain to record myself over and over again trying to get my message across, it was great being able to edit out all my ramblings, LOL. My husband said he wishes that he could do that in real life. I can't say I blame him! When I am passionate about something I tend to ramble and talk constantly about it... and this is a project I am really passionate about!

Please take a look at how the video came out and pass your feedback along. Consider backing our project and sharing with your friends to help make our dream a reality!

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