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Time to Move On - Pencils Down!

After about a dozen revisions, editing for the first book in The Little Labradoodle Series, Puppy Pickup Day, is finally complete!

Being a new author, feedback from others was really important to me. How is the story? Does it flow well? Are the words too hard for young readers? Will it engage them?

Then, of course, came the whole question of whether to rhyme or not to rhyme. There were strong opinions both ways. In the end, it's important that I am true to my vision and create something that is fun for kids with characters that they will fall in love with. I think we did that with this first book.

So where did we end up? We have a rhyming book that conveys the excitement of that first time a new puppy and family meet. Of course, we had to throw in some challenges for the main character and an adventure. In this book we meet the little labradoodle who is excited for puppy pickup day to meet his new family. Frustrated because he couldn't play with his larger siblings, he wanders off and gets lost and meets some animal friends who help him. Will he get back in time to meet his family? You'll have to read the book to know for sure, but spoiler alert - I love a happy ending!

This is a good time to share a sneak peek of the final cover art (below). Our illustrator did a great job of capturing the character of the little labradoodle. We wanted him to be lovable but didn't want a character that boys wouldn't identify with as well. Len Smith hit it out of the park with this little guy!

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