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Publish Your Children's Book

Say goodbye to rejection letters, predatory publishers, 

and the confusion of navigating self-publishing on your own.

There's a child that needs to read your story. We can help.

Is the publishing process making you feel stuck?
Many authors give up due to frustration or overwhelm. 

Becoming a published author can be challenging and intimidating, leaving you unsure of where to begin. You’re not alone! Many talented authors find themselves overwhelmed by the intricate world of publishing. From editing and illustrations to formatting and marketing, the journey can be confusing and time-consuming.

Perhaps you have tried the traditional publishing route without much luck. If you are tired of rejection letters and ready to take things into your own hands, we can help.


Our comprehensive 90-day course simplifies the publishing process, making it accessible for authors of all backgrounds. You’ll receive expert guidance through a clear roadmap and access to resources that can help you turn your manuscript into a beautifully crafted children's book that's ready for the world to see.


April M. Cox, Founder/CEO

Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author,

Creator of Self-Publishing Made Simple

Author Books
Here are some of our over 1500+ author books.


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Meet April Cox

As a published author and guide in the publishing industry, I understand the emotional journey of bringing a literary creation to life. I have gone through the publishing process myself and know the sleepless nights, self-doubt, and joyful moments that can come with it.


Throughout the years of helping authors, I have seen their struggles and triumphs and witnessed the transformative impact of a published book. Our 90-day comprehensive roadmap has helped over 1500 authors to achieve their publishing dreams and it can help you too. 

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Award-winning, best-selling author and creator of self-publishing made simple.

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Next Steps to Your Best-Selling Book

  1. Get Access to the Course & Resources

    • An on-demand course, weekly group coaching, and pre-vetted resources you can trust to help you be successful.

  2. Follow the Roadmap

    • Each week, you’ll know exactly what to do next, and by following the roadmap, your book can be ready to be published in 90 days.

  3. Enjoy Being a Published Author

    • Share your story in a beautiful, high-quality book

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Testimonials: Hear from our Authors

Sol Regwan Profile Image

April was able to take a book that wasn't selling at all and with updates to the cover, listing and Amazon ads got the book selling again. I highly recommend her services.

Sol Regwan



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Have you always wanted to write a children's book?  Are you in the middle of self-publishing and confused and overwhelmed?

I have helped thousands of authors achieve their dreams of creating beautiful children's books and you can do it too!

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Are you ready to be a published author?

Need a little guidance and hand-holding?

I've got you!

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