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Join the K.L.U.B. - No Bullying Allowed

There’s a new puppy in town and he just wants to play.   Will the bully dogs chase him away?


Bullying is a problem.

We need to teach our children how to deal with these tough situations.

This book will be a wonderful addition to your bedtime reading rotation.

The illustrations are bright and beautiful. Characters are lovable.


The rhymes help teach in a memorable way.

This story shows how we are all different and that’s okay. You’ll share the journey with your child and delight in how they build their friendships, learn to help others, and stand up to bullying.


Do you want to Join the K.L.U.B?

You’ll adore this delightful story of friendship, inclusion and bullying prevention.


Get it now and receive a digital gift set including the coloring/activity book!


Join the K.L.U.B. - No Bullying Allowed

$12.99 Regular Price
$6.50Sale Price
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