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A Little Sister for Brady

Do you know a child who is expecting a new sibling or a big change coming (new school, new home)?


Accepting and embracing change is not easy for children. A Little Sister for Brady teaches kids that change can be good - even if it doesn't start out that way!


For Brady, having a new little sister was no fun. He had to share his food, his toys, and even his bed! But when Mandy pushes him off his favorite spot on Nana's lap, that's the last straw!


As he dozes off to sleep with Mandy resting comfortably in HIS bed, he makes a wish - one that surprises even him. He wishes... that he DIDN'T HAVE A LITTLE SISTER! When he wakes the next morning to find her GONE, he can't help but wonder... Did I wish my new sister away?


This is a heartwarming story that helps kids realize that even if change doesn't feel good at the beginning, it can be a wonderful thing if you give it a chance.


The teacher's guide/lesson plan and activity book are also available for download with your purchase.


Grab your copy today. Perfect for children ages 4-8, for those expecting a new sibling or any big change.

A Little Sister for Brady

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