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A Little Sister for Brady

Our third self-published picture book in The Little Labradoodle series is launching on October 18, 2021.  

Would you like a free copy?  Grab your copy of the eBook FREE on Amazon on October 16 & 17th.​

By providing an honest review during launch week, you help us get the word out about this adorable book that will help little ones adjust to having a new sibling (accepting and embracing change).

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Enjoy this video read-aloud.  Grab a copy of the book and read along!

A story about accepting and embracing change.

Ages 4-8

In this third book in the series Brady, the little labradoodle becomes a big brother.

Change like this comes with all kinds of anxiety and frustration. Especially when the new family member steals toys, eats his food, and sleeps in HIS bed.  

But when she pushes him from his favorite spot on Nana's lap, he has had enough! He makes a wish that surprises even him.  He wishes...


Important messages from the book:


Changes like having a new family member can be uncomfortable at first.


Sharing those feelings is important, as is being open to the positives as well.


Change can be wonderful with a little love, patience and kindness.  

When we are open to seeing the positive in our new circumstances, accepting and embracing change, we open ourselves up to new possibilities...

Even the possibility that a bratty little sister can become a new best friend.


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