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Highlight: Illustrator, Len Smith

With only 4 days to go with our KickStarter campaign, for our new book, Puppy Pickup Day, I wanted to highlight our AMAZING Illustrator, Len Smith. I hope you will consider supporting Len and I with our KickStarter campaign to bring Puppy Pickup Day to print!

Len Smith, has spent his entire career (over 30 years) in children’s entertainment, from Hanna-Barbera studio to Disney Feature and TV animation to Mattel Toys. Len designed Toontown in the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and is also well known for his designs of the main characters for the Disney Afternoon series “Talespin” and “Bonkers”.

He also worked on the four-time Emmy winning series “The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”. We interviewed dozens of illustrators before finding Len and loved the way he captured the emotion of the characters. In the interview below, Len talks about his career and how he got started as an Illustrator.

MidWest Book Review

The MidWest Book Review joined beta readers, kids and parents singing praises of Len's abilities as an Illustrator:

A variety of messages are wound into this fun-loving story of a little puppy's adventure: counting, colorful fun, lessons on friendship and helping, and embracing new experiences.

Illustrator Len Smith's over-sized, colorful panels are a huge draw to an equally-strong, uplifting story line that will delight young picture book readers and their read-aloud parents. He's a former Disney & Hanna-Barbara illustrator, and so his background is perfect for translating the story into large-sized, exceptionally colorful characters designed to provide eye-catching excitement and action to enhance the story's visual appeal.

Each panel is packed with not just vivid colors and playful action, but emotion as the little puppy moves through his choices and considers his options. Not only the puppy's emotions are involved: readers will find their heartstrings similarly pulled as the story visually 'pops' with excitement.

Interview with Illustrator, Len Smith

Marks & Splashes interviews Illustrator Len Smith - Animation character designer Len Smith talks children's book illustration

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