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Someone Needs to Hear Your Story

Over 80% of the people surveyed say they they would like to write a book and have a story to tell, but only 1% of them ever do it. Why is that?

I spoke to some aspiring authors to find out. Here are the top three answers.

  • Theres no time - We are all busy with work, kids, hobbies, caregiving

  • My story is not good enough - Self doubt can plague us all

  • No idea where to begin - uncertainty can be paralyzing

There are some great resources out there for aspiring writers, including Facebook groups and author communities on Reddit and Twitter. Workgroups are also a wonderful way to get support, build a community and helps with accountability.

One of the silver linings of this shutdown is that there are some of us who have more time on our hands and a new opportunity to fill those hours with things that matter. Writing can be cathartic and allow you to deal with stress, pour out emotion, remember fond memories or document something important.

You can transport yourself into a fantasy world and have adventures that would be impossible otherwise. What is your story about? What impact could it have on others? This is a great activity for kids as well. Using their imagination, writing a book they would love to read.

Nowadays, self-publishing is more accessible than ever. We are proud to offer coaching services and conduct 12 week author workgroups to provide support, accountability and expertise to help authors make it through that journey.

Post comments below and let us in on your journey!

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