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The Little Labradoodle series of books were created as a love letter to my grandkids and children everywhere.  

I wanted to write stories that would be a springboard for parents and educators to dig deeper into topics that would make a difference in the lives of our children.  

The focus for the series is on emotional learning and building resilience. They learn to:

  • Overcome adversity (Book 1)

  • Believe in themselves (Book 1)

  • Be kind and stand up for others (Book 2)

  • Create an inclusive environment where all are welcome and no bullying is allowed (Book 2)

  • Accept and embrace change (Book 3)

  • Adapt to change with a positive attitude (Book 3)

I am grateful for those parents who shared how their special needs kids have enjoyed the series and how much they identify with the clumsy little misfit who needs to work harder than others but who comes out on top in the end. We all love happy endings!


April Cox, Author of The Little Labradoodle Series of Books and Founder of Little Labradoodle Publishing.

You'll find coloring and activity books for the kids as well as video books and original songs to help make the most out of the curriculum.   

Interested in a virtual school visit?  Let us know.  We love to take an active role in literacy and workshops to help kids be better readers and writers!

Our titles are available on our store, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other favorite online retailers. 

In addition to The Little Labradoodle series, you'll find companion coloring/activity books and even an adult coloring book that has been a huge hit in nursing homes, hospitals and with older kids as well.

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